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BSM New Online Lesson Booking Ecommerce Website

BSM approached Selesti in March 2009, for us to quickly and cost effectively implement a seamless end to end online lesson booking website and internal web sales management system.

BSM were looking to make some radical changes to the company and brand as a whole and felt that in order to keep up with and excel from competition, it was essential to provide customers with the ability to book and pay for lessons online was the next obvious step for them. Once the decision was made to build this standalone ordering website it needed to be done quickly and efficiently in order to showcase how BSM could respond quickly and intuitively to market trends.

Having worked with BSM on many smaller scale campaigns in the past, Selesti were delighted to be approached by BSM to work on this new functionality for them. We were chosen due to them being aware that we were quick to respond, cost effective and reliable.

The initial brief was simple, BSM required a flexible step by step standalone lesson booking website. The key objectives were:
- To utilise the Open source content management platform, Drupal and its ecommerce module, UberCart.
- To have a very simple user interface, that could be easily skinned and adapted for future promotions going forward.
- To use RBS WorldPay as the payment gateway
- To be quick to load, secure and very easy to use
- To quickly and accurately look up the costs and apply discounts dependent on postcode
- To have a secure and robust websales facility, for BSM call centre agents to manage bookings.
- To ensure the websales interface is quick and simple to use
- To enable leads to be easily distributed by managers to individuals in their teams.
- To enable managers to have advanced access and run accurate reports on the sales and sales agents.

With less than 6 weeks, to plan, design, build and deploy both systems, we set to work to ensure we could make the development as streamlined as possible so that the project could be kept on budget and schedule. We quickly wrote the functional specification for the both sites and worked closely with many departments within BSM to ensure the step by step customer journey was exactly as they wished. This included taking direction from many stakeholders; Fulfillment, Customer Services, Sales and Marketing, IT, Finance.

During the planning stage it emerged that there would be the added complication of ensuring the correct data was accurately collected and stored in a suitable format that could be easily transferred over to BSMís current AS/400 system. This threw up some initial complications in terms of ensuring the formats were compatible so that all data from the new system could be imported to AS/400 seamlessly. The AS/400 system also had a unique method of calculating the discounts applied to lesson orders so this also took a lot of fine tuning and testing prior to deployment.

BSM's payment gateway of choice was RBS WorldPay. This was flawlessly integrated with the website to ensure payments could be taken quickly and more importantly, securely. This was tested thoroughly, simultaneously with BSM, to ensure that the payment gateway worked perfectly.

Due to the time restraints there was limited time for planning; however there was constant contact with BSM, to ensure that progress was as per requirements at every stage. Continuous testing took place to ensure there werenít any gaps between internal systems and what we were building.

On the Monday 1st June 2009, the new systems went live without a hitch. The new site instantly became very popular, taking orders almost immediately. These were then dealt with easily by the team without much training being required due to the simplicity of the system.

Head of Online and Retail Marketing Kristian Welch provided some great praise for the project, saying that "never has any BSM project of this magnitude be delivered on time and on budget and also been supplied bug free." Since the website's launch BSM are said to have nearly tripled their income, which makes this project one of BSM's and Selesti's biggest success stories to date.

We completed the digital marketing work in this project as part of a collaboration with Balloon Dog.

Visit http://www.bsmlessons.co.uk