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Friday 24th October, 2014

Selesti Announced As Finalists In The EDP Business Awards 2014
Selesti are a finalist in the EDP’s Business Awards 2014!  Just 11 months ago, we were recognised as one to watch in their Future50, and it seems we’ve lived up to expectations, as we are now one of three finalists in the ‘Small...
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Monday 29th September, 2014

Selesti Enjoy Coffee And Cake For A Good Cause
Here at Selesti we love any excuse to have cake! Our new Office Manager started the trend for bringing in baked goodies to celebrate joining the team - and with a few newbies having joined recently this soon escalated into a two-week long pig-out! But last...
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Wednesday 10th September, 2014

Selesti Delivers User Experience Overhaul To Norfolk County Council
If you’ve been on the Norfolk County Council’s website recently, you may have noticed a bit of a change - well, we’re chuffed to say that it was us! And when we say ‘a bit of a change’, you may think that is an understatement, as...
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Friday 5th September, 2014

Selesti Intern Codes Himself A Year's Placement
We’re all about helping people here at Selesti, which is why we’re chuffed to announce we’re taking on a local student for a year’s placement in our web development team. Tak Mazarura has recently become a more permanent member of our...
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Tuesday 26th August, 2014

We Have Appointed An Office Manager!
We’re pleased to introduce you to our new Office Manager, Tracey Woodhouse! She’ll be tasked with making our internal processes as streamlined as a Formula 1 car, so that we can get on with doing what we do best - making great websites and ensuring...
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Thursday 21st August, 2014

Learning Resources Receives An Education From Selesti Search
Good morning, your lesson today will be on how to improve website visibility in search by 50% year on year, increase organic revenue by 65% YOY as well as by 578.37% from PPC, and be an all round great agency for one of the UKs best educational toy brands -...
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Wednesday 20th August, 2014

Norwich Digital Agency Invests In Online Marketing Team Expansion
Selesti have added three new faces to our Search Marketing team – developing a successful department of the company which has seen a 212% increase in turnover in the last 2 years. The investment comes in the shape of a ‘Head of Digital...
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Friday 18th July, 2014

Our Team Need A Pair Of SEO & PPC Heroes!
Have you got super powers in SEO land? Got expertise in using coin for PPC advertising? Well Selesti are looking for a super duo of SEM sprites to join our expanding team! Ok, enough with the video game references. After all, we’re a serious digital...
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