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Barclaycard CPI Developement

So many websites feature payment pages which are difficult to use and often mean customers ‘drop-off’ before they complete their transaction. This is risky for merchants as they could be losing out on revenue and more business!

Barclaycard ePDQ is a great solution for accepting cards over the internet. It integrates with e-commerce websites and directs all customers to ePDQ CPI pages to take the card details and process payment.

Selesti was asked to redesign and code the current Barclaycard Business ePDQ CPI pages in order to bring them into the 21st century.

After an initial wireframing exercise the designs were formulated to ensure all details were available on one page, in a logical and easy-to-read format.

We coded the pages to integrate with Barclaycard’s backend systems and ensured no tables were used resulting in code which that's cleaner, more portable and versatile.

With new coding standards at our disposal we implemented a number of user experience improvements. With the two and three column approach we actively highlight the column the customer is operating within so they don’t get lost. Further to this, the active cell is coloured blue to indicate where they are.

Customers can easily tab through down and left to right in an intuitive manner. If any fields are validated incorrectly, we’ve designed a message alert to appear on the page and highlight the text and fields in red to easily identify them. This is better than those annoying pop-up windows.

In terms of accessibility and standards compliant code, the pages which make up the CPI solution pass with flying colours.

We completed the digital marketing work in this project as part of a collaboration with Balloon Dog.

Visit: http://www.barclaycardbusiness.co.uk/accepting_cards/phone_mail_internet