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Web Design and Web Development Agency

You could say web design and development is our bread and butter of our agency. Designing, developing, supporting and maintaining websites is the core of our business. Making your site look good, work well and ultimately do its job is why we’re still designing and developing eye-catching websites today.

We ensure our projects follow industry standards and guidelines for accessibility and usability. Making your site accessible is not only a legal requirement, it’s also good practice. The hand-crafted code we create is lightweight for faster page downloads, better indexed by search engines by using semantic mark-up and easier to update.

Here are lots of jargon words and acronyms that will mean nothing to most people, but for you techies out there, here’s some of the technologies we’re using:

.NET , PHP, MYSQL, JAVA, SOAP, SQL, WAI/DDA, PYTHON, LMFAO , PERL, JQUERY, AJAX, JS, CSS & XHTML coding, XML, LAMP, Flex, Air, Web 2.0, Silverlight, WAP, WML, ZX81, ERP, J2EE, BRB, 2D and 3D modelling, Flash AS, SVG/ VML.