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A Day In The Life Of A Design Intern

Find out what it's really like to be a design intern! Student James Ward has spent the last two weeks with us at Selesti HQ. Read about his experience -

For the last two weeks, intern James Ward has been with us here at Selesti Towers. He's a third year Digital Media student from Falmouth University, and came to us to gain experience of digital agency life. Here James writes about his time with Selesti -

My first day at Selesti, I was nervous and very tired, standing outside an electronic door figuring out how I get in - which didn’t help my self esteem in the situation. However, it didn’t take long until someone opened the door and I followed them in. I found the office sign posted on the first floor, greeted by a space hopper, the sight of a foosball table and a banner reading ‘Award Winning Digital Agency’. I had reached my destination.

As I walked into the studio there was pure silence from everyone working hard… and some idiot stood in the middle of it looking very lost. That idiot was me. However, I was quickly met with smiles and made to feel very welcome!

Day One

I was given a quick tour of Selesti along with a rundown of the company and how it operates. The open-plan office is pretty much divided into two. On the left you have the search marketing team, and client services, these are the guys who work hard making the customer's projects happen. On the right, the development and design side of the office, these are the guys producing the web design and development projects.

This side was to my temporary work home, a shared desk had been set up for my arrival, ready to go. My nerves at this point had calmed and I slowly got into the loop, I was given briefs and mock ups to work on for clients and settled in to the tasks at hand.

As an intern, I was left in the capable hands of some very talented individuals. Owen, a Javascript and development ninja who loves crisp sandwiches. Emily, a wizard of everything internet who has a secret collection of desk magnets and Luke, Photoshop magician who has a rather interesting mouse mat.

The Experience

Everyone at Selesti is incredibly dedicated and extremely friendly, until the foosball games commence! This soon put me at ease, there's nothing worse than going to a company that you admire and soon find out that it's not what you thought. However, at Selesti this wasn’t the case. It was living up to its award-winning status.

The team made sure I was working in the right direction, giving me sound advice when needed. I was able to apply my university skills to briefs and learn so much more along the way. It's the little things too I have enjoyed about being an intern, such as being involved in meetings and design discussions, which really makes you realise how a professional company operates, and how well a team works. Not to mention Fat Friday, a treat from the local pantry! It was extremely rewarding to work on professional proposals and designs, even if I was a little slower than everyone else it was a great experience.

What I have learnt from working at Selesti:

Firstly, my quality of work improved immensely. The transition between plodding along with university projects and then having daily deadlines certainly encourages you to up your game, quickly!

Secondly, learn from others. When you’re surround by such talented people it's easy to learn new things and improve existing skills!

Thirdly, make tea, lots of tea. Because people like tea but more importantly you can get to know people with tea. God bless tea.