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A few SEO Tips – Just for Starters…

It is all very well having an all singing, all dancing website, but unless anyone is actually looking at it and using it your business is unlikely to reap the benefits that a website provides.

Although we offer a range of SEO techniques to help increase the traffic to your site, we thought you might find a few little tips helpful, in order to get you started and ensure you are familiar with the SEO fundamentals.

So here are some basic steps to follow to make sure you are really getting the most out of your website:

1. Meta Tags
Make sure all of your pages have a unique title and description meta tags. It is also very important to use your keywords for the page in both of these tags as this can make a significant difference to your search engine placement.

2. Use keywords to link your own pages
Consistently use keyword focused links between your own web pages. Try to ensure that any links between your web pages use the keywords for the page you are linking to. Using the title of the page you are linking to is ideal if you can manage it.

3. Linking - Quality not Quantity
Go for quality links to your website. Avoid the temptation to list your site on every directory you can find. Concentrate on sourcing links from quality sites that already have a good standing with the search engines. Also avoid link farms or link partnering schemes. The value of these links is usually minimal and search engines tend to frown upon your website for having such poor links.

4. Get active on the Forums
Join related newsgroups and forums for your business community. If you actively participate in these groups and offer valuable input people will soon begin to notice you and thus more likely to link to your website from their site or blog. Also if you include your website address in your signature text for your posts then it is also highly likely that you will get links from all your posts.

5. Make sure everything works!
It is imperative that you check your site on a regular basis for broken links. Search engines really don't like websites with broken links. Not only can they not index your site properly but it also implies that the website is not being well maintained. There is lots of different software that you can use for checking your site, one of the best being Google's Webmaster. This is a free service, which will tell you if it finds any broken links.

If this has interested you in finding out a little bit more about what we can do to help your website, whether it is regarding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or a Pay per click campaign, we will be more than happy to offer some advice and discuss your options - contact us today.