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AdWords Callouts - What You Need To Know About Google’s Latest Pay Per Click Feature

Anywhere else that you advertise your product or business, you’re able to give unique selling points (or USPs to those in the trade) to your customers as you aim to grab their well earned cash - but not so in Google AdWords... until now.

Google’s new AdWords toy

It was recently announced by Google that they’d been working on a way to include a business’ USPs in a simple way onto their search ads. They’re called callouts, and you’re going to love them.

With 25 characters each, and a requirement to have at least two callouts for them to display, these additions help those creating Google ads develop their offering and hopefully drive higher Click Through Rate.

What’s more, you can use it at an account, campaign, or even just ad group level to refine your message across your AdWords profile - ensuring that you target the right people with your 25 characters of online advertising gold. And even better, you can choose when specific callouts appear based on the time of day.

How will AdWords callouts work?

It’s another ad extension plain and simple - so can be added quickly and easily in just the same place that you’d find any of Google’s other little additions to their online advertising platform.

Here’s how you’ll be expected to add your callouts when they eventually go live:

See that little tick box too? That’s one for all those that believe mobile search advertising is of no value - we’ll certainly be testing to see if we can prove them wrong.

If you want to find out more about the various options available to your business through AdWords, or even about Search Marketing in general, give one of our expanding team of digital marketers a shout using the links above!