Apple iPhone 3GS

So, Apple have announced the next version of the ever popular iPhone - the 3GS. Apple promises faster processing, video capabilities, a compass (always handy when using the map!), voice control and better battery life. All good...

Well, after several software updates and a totally new version, where the hell is Flash browser support for the inbuilt Safari browser? I mean, come on Apple! As a digital agency, we were seriously hoping that we'd be able to see rich media content on the iPhone.

This isn't a selfish need of mine, lots of people have questioned why no previous version will have Flash capabilities. Not only will it give users much richer browsing experiences, but the possibilities with mobile advertising semi-hinge on the iPhone being able to show Flash. Who wants to see a drab, low-res GIF alternative show up in place of a video expander?? I don't!

Another gripe has to be the lack of MS Office again! It can open attachments, but editing a Word doc is still not possible. There are apps out there which are a little more extensive but they hardly do the same job as creating a new document, spreadsheet etc.

I love my iPhone, but I'm dissapointed with the missing features. Steve, if you're reading this - give me a call :)