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Brandbank bags Selesti for Website redesign

We've proven ourselves to another leader in their field, Norwich-based Brandbank are turning to Selesti for a website redesign project.

Brandbank create, manage and distribute brand assets for every huge multi-national retail company in the UK. They provide access - for every product you can imagine - to images and information, which has been uploaded and can be administrated in the same content management system. This ensures coherent, consistent visuals and messaging across multiple channels of advertising.

The initial project which we're about to sink our teeth into will begin with a thorough Information Architecture and wire framing exercise. This will ensure that all content consideration that needs to take place regarding the organisation of their key information and USPs are clearly signposted and accessible to those who will be looking for them most.

Our creative team can't wait to get started on the conceptual design stage which will follow that, where we'll realise the visual potential of their new online presence. The driving force behind what Brandbank does can be shown through images and graphically; how we choose to tell that story online will play a key part in making sure their new website design screams more about their successes and the nuts and bolts of their business than the current skin does.

Amongst the technology we'll be developing their site with will be gallery and slideshow features to demonstrate both their expertise at capturing stunning portfolio/brochure images and the familiarity with the products and brands they work with that all visitors will have, without ever realising Brandbank's vital role in the supply chain. A feed engine to update news and PR events, Press Release documents and contextual articles will be included along with many other online marketing and social media campaigns we have in mind to aid future growth.

Also expect rich video content utilising HTML5 and Flash, clever and engaging content display and a site which is fully-geared towards achieving prominent search engine placements where we utilise our internet marketing expertise.

We will keep you posted on the new website launch, in the meantime you can visit the current Brandbank website here