Copy cats?

There is no hiding good design on the web, and good web design is meant to inspire others. We're all for that.

Having designed and developed over a number of years, the site has earned us an array of awards and accolades - featuring on hundreds of CSS and design showcase sites. All good.

Doing the rounds with analytics I came across a number of sites with striking similarities to the Soulshaker site. Many of which are actually using the same images and code on our server, naughty naughty!

We thought it would be nice to show you the sites in question and let you be the judge :)

Here is the Soulshaker site

Here are the culprits :)

We're flattered in many ways to see our designs and good coding being useful to others, but using our site to host images on their sites is somewhat a step too far.

We're happy for anyone to use the code on our sites as it's openly available to view, but like us if we have found a snippet useful, please give credit.