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Digital Marketing and Christmas – A Match Made in Heaven?

Christmas time is fast approaching so we've taken a look at some of the major digital marketing strategies undertaken by big brands in the UK.

With Christmas time fast approaching, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at how the big brands in the UK are executing their digital marketing strategies during what is undeniably their most crucial time of the year.The forecast for this December is ‘digital’ and mobile is predicted to play an integral role, with Adobe predicting smartphone shopping to grow by 97% across the Christmas period in comparison to last year. It is projected that 12.4% of European sales are to come from mobile devices, which is a significant amount whichever way you look at it.

You have probably noticed a lot of chatter about the John Lewis Christmas campaign in the past few days. Indeed, in the 24 hours following the TV broadcast of the advert it was mentioned in almost 50,000 tweets. The TV advert may have been the centrepiece of the campaign however there has been a strong digital effort to complement this. For starters, the advert itself was initially ‘previewed’ on YouTube 24 hours before it exclusively received its ‘premier’ during X Factor, and it has currently been watched over 5,000,000 times. As part of the multi-platform campaign, the two key characters from the advert have been given their own Twitter accounts (@JohnLewisBear & @JohnLewisHare), as well as creating an account for the overall campaign. John Lewis have also created an interactive eBook available for iOS (and Android in the near future, our guess is that they were initially intended to be live at the same time, ain’t that always the way), in addition to creating an informative landing page on their website, sure to catch a large proportion of the relevant search queries (it ranks at number one for a google search of ‘bear and hare’). John Lewis have implemented a multi-faceted campaign in an impressive manner, fusing the traditional (and some would argue necessary) Christmas television advert with new and innovative digital marketing strategies.