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Dion Dublin's new website The Dube launched by Selesti

See the future of percussion by visiting Dion Dublin's new website here. We have designed and developed the site where his cube shaped instrument can be exclusively ordered online.

After a successful professional football career including spells at Manchester United, Norwich City and of course playing for England, Dion's love of music and creating rhythms led him to pursue this direction once he hung up his boots, alongside his already extensive TV and radio punditry career. You can read about the history of the development of the DUBE as an idea and then product here in the creative sliding timeline on the website.

He has been out and about promoting the instrument, on TV programmes such as Soccer AM, radio appearances including Spoony's 606 programme on BBC Radio 5live and in person at the Cambridge Rock Festival, where interest in the new instrument has really taken Dion by surprise.

Selesti have developed an intelligent and comprehensive content management system which powers the ecommerce website. Dion can very quickly and simply control all elements of his pricing, product information, order status, customer information and all of the text (for Search Engine Optimisation), images and video media on the site.

The DUBE project has again seen Selesti flexing our Flash animation creativity, with a Flash version of the instrument one of the ways the user can navigate the site. Clicking on one of the sides of the Flash DUBE, spins it round dynamically, also triggering a slideshow also on the homepage to bring up the content the user has chosen.

As a Norwich company, we are naturally delighted to have played such a key role in the launch of a true Norwich City star's next steps, and look forward to continuing to assist in the development of this great product.

The Dube - By Dion Dublin