Five Dragons Judging...

On the fifth day of Christmas we celebrate our most high profile project to date, Barenaked Foods, which was aired on nothing less than the BBC’s Dragons’ Den!

Imagine it, you’ve just been through the stress of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den and received a sizeable investment from Peter Jones, what would you do? Well the first thing that Ross Mendham, the creator of BareNaked Foods, did was to look for the best digital agency in his local area, which funnily enough turned out to be us!

It’s an exciting project to begin with, building an E-commerce platform for such a modern and unique business that sells a range of low carb and high protein products, but the addition of Dragons’ Den made us all the more motivated to accept this project. We knew then that we had to create an online shopping platform that would not only look great and be a dream to use, but also cope with a huge volume of traffic come the transmission date.

So how did we make it work? Well, there’s a lot of complex developer language to explain the various processes, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear all that... Heard of E-commerce? We’ll start there.

We created an E-commerce website that utilised all our years of experience in this area. It’s something we love to shout about, but BareNaked Foods is a site that means we can save our voices. Offering users a clean and clear route to purchase, it even gave us a couple of chances to show off, adding a high visual impact recipe section and tasty product gallery that both use classy high res photography.

No one just watches telly anymore, let’s face it, we love to fiddle with our smartphones whilst glued to the box. So what we needed was to give users the opportunity to access and buy products from the site as they were tuned into the show using their iPhone or Android devices, with no loss in functionality when compared to a PC. We’re very good at responsive web design, something that is becoming ever more sought after as the internet goes mobile. We catered for the fancy boys and girls with iPads too, of course.

It’s not just about how the site looks to a front end user though, we wanted to make sure that Ross and his team were able to manage their new E-commerce platform effectively without the need for developers. That’s where our Content Management System, CMS HQ, stepped in. Using our bespoke package they can manage orders, products, prices, offers, and content all using set templates and parameters so that everything stays on brand.

The brief; a clear and uncluttered website to fit the feel of this unique and modern brand. What we delivered; a responsive E-commerce website with a fantastic user journey and management system, including a few extra treats of our own. It was a race against time with the deadline fixed for when the new series began on 11th August 2013, and as Peter Jones is someone to whom ‘scope creep’ is anathema, we knew we had a tough one on our hands. But you know what? We relish a challenge.

Why do we relish a challenge? Because the rewards are always so great. Our site was exposed to millions of users within hours of going live, and, with a little help from the search marketing team, somewhere in all of that traffic was a judge for the Digital Entrepreneur Awards.

They must have seen something they liked, because when it came around to the awards a couple of months later we were chosen to attend for a range of sites, BareNaked Foods being one of them. What better way to round off a great project than with a shortlisting for E-commerce Business Of The Year?

Sure, we may have diverted a bit from our initial gambit of ‘five Dragons judging’, but you didn’t really expect us to talk about the show did you? If you’re keeping up, our 12 Days of Christmas song goes like this:

Five - Dragons judging

Four - search marketing gurus

Three - charities supported

Two - thousand, seven hundred and sixteen followers

One - Stand-Out Agency