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The JustGiving Fundraising App - A Real Charity Case?

The Selesti team have recently been acquainted with the JustGiving fundraising app - are there any mobile apps out there that can do it better?

So, there I was, getting all prepared to raise a lot of money for The British Heart Foundation come the 1st June when I ride 100 miles along the roads of Norfolk - after weeks of procrastination I might add.

I had my JustGiving page set up, tweeted the link and was waiting for the donations to roll in. Then it occurred to me, how can I check the progress of my fundraising when I’m on the go? I’m a great believer in using apps over the mobile web where I can, knowing the amount of effort that goes into creating these tailored-for-mobile experiences, so I had a quick peek on the App Store.

I was surprised to see a lot of negative reviews of the fundraising app, but was prepared to take them with a pinch of salt. Little did I know that I’d need a North Sea sized spoon of sodium to make me happy with what I found once the download had completed.

There’s a range of ways in which non-profits and stand alone apps have used the medium of mobile to promote their causes in a very user friendly way. So if anyone from JustGiving is reading, perhaps you should take note of these interesting examples;


How about every time you shop, you donate to charity. Using social integration and geo-location services, you just sign in at participating stores and start donating some moneys! Utilising smartphones’ inherent features here along with working with some of the big social networking platforms makes it a real winner.


Sometimes you need a little incentive to give small amounts to charity. How about improving yourself while also improving the lives of others? Well, this rather clever little app allows you to make micro donations as an alternative to some of your, perhaps not so good, daily habits - no not forgetting to shave, rather the odd coffee or ‘unhealthy’ burger. And if you need a bit more encouragement, you can always start posting your progress to your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Don’t get me wrong, JustGiving is great, but it’d be made even greater if I could keep up to date with my mine and others’ fundraising through a modern and easy to use app - I mean, it still uses an iOS 6 keyboard! Here’s hoping their next update brings some real improvements and makes it less of a charity case.

While I’m here - don’t forget that our MD at Selesti is currently fundraising too for quite an epic challenge on Vancouver Island - to find out more about it get on over to the Cycle Challenge Canada website!