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Google Ad Grants - What your charity needs to know

Google Ad Grants are an ideal way to increase your charity's search presence, find out how we can help you get £120,000 FREE paid advertising!

Selesti could get your Charity $120,000 FREE paid advertising from Google.

No, really.

If you work for a U.K. charity and would like to raise the profile of your organisation then we recommend you consider obtaining a Google Grant which offers free paid advertising on Google Search results.

There are stipulations and terms of use which you must abide by, however the online application process is really very quick.

We recently helped Support Adoption For Pets with their grant, and we were approved with a campaign live within 36 hours of the initial application.

This campaign we’re managing for the pet rehoming charity is already driving 50% extra targeted visitors to the site per day which has contributed to a 25% uplift in targeted goal completion on the site.

Below you can see the Google Grant Ad For Support Adoption For Pets displaying in search:

How Does My Charity Get $120,000 Of Google Paid Advertising?

Obtaining $120,000 of free advertising budget might seem like an outlandish claim, but for the sake of completing an online application that is exactly what Google offers U.K. charities.

Recently renamed as ‘Google Ad Grants’, even though the scheme has been in operation for sometime it seems something of a secret and many more U.K. charities could benefit from taking them up on their offer.

What Can A Google Grant Do For A Charity?

So here’s a totally standing start beginner’s guide:

AdWords is a system of paid advertising where participants bid on keywords so that their advert is shown in search results.

You will have seen the paid ads surrounding the organic results when you type a search query into Google.

The position of the advert in results is dependent on a number factors including (but not exclusive to) the level of the bid, relevance of the ad text and the quality of the landing page.

Bids which successfully appear in the top five adverts can drive large amounts of relevant traffic to their corresponding website.

For charities to take part in paid advertising is potentially a huge boost in helping them to raise their profile and source support.

If you are a charity or non profit in the U.K. looking to increase support or recognition then the Google Grant is a must for you, it’s the perfect chance to perhaps take the leap into this form of digital advertising.

The simple application process requires some time to set up an AdWords account and make the initial application. This means getting to grips with some of the technicalities of the AdWords system and most likely the AdWords editor, though a friendly digital agency with a search marketing team such as Selesti can take care of that for you.

The results can be huge; every successful applicant to the grant will receive $10,000 of paid advertising to spend on Google search text ads every month. This kind of budget can transform traffic levels and lead to greater insights for the users of your charity.

The Google Ad Grant Application Process

You must have a registered charity number to apply and provide a brief explanation on how you will use the grant and how you will be measuring the grant’s success.

A Google Grant will open new possibilities, especially for national charities. Whilst for local charities it means being able to insert adverts into the results of people very close by who may have no idea you exist.

Not everyone is successfully approved for a Grant. There are stipulations, terms & conditions that you need to be aware of and there are rules on how the money can be used:

  • Only use text ads
  • No display advertising
  • All transactions and cost per click calculations are in USD$ not GBP£
  • No overt commercial messages are allowed
  • You can promote specific activities and recruit donors
  • Keywords choices need to be carefully considered
  • Account executives will review the campaign before the grant is approved and the campaign can go live.

If you are interested but don’t think you have the budget for an ongoing monthly PPC campaign to be managed by an agency - for $120,000 a year it may be worth investing your time to learn the basics of AdWords Functionality in-house.

Monthly activity is an area where many charities find difficulty as they either do not have the time or expertise to do this for themselves and may require support and tuition in the early stages to do this.

Google publishes some excellent documentation and provides support in the form of a Google+ community.

Selesti could also help you get set up and on your way, so that with a little practice you can make the most of your Google Grant and understand how to optimise your account, meaning that once you’re up and away you only refer back to us as and when you have a question.

Here are a couple of excellent online resources Google provides on the subject:

There are also Twitter accounts for the Grant program: