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Great Business Online – Do More Online

The UK government has teamed up with Great Business and launched a £2million campaign to get micro-businesses & sole traders to do more online

You may have seen that the British government has launched a new campaign to get small businesses increasing their online presence!

Tell Me More About The Campaign

The ‘Do More Online’ initiative is working with the government’s Business is Great support and advice service, and includes a huge £2 million pot for Local Enterprise Partnerships to use for assisting sole traders and small businesses to increase their online presence.

Thousands of potential customers are searching online for local small businesses and without an online profile businesses will lose out.” - Matthew Hancock, Business and Enterprise Minister.

The Do More Online campaign’s aim is to help micro-businesses and sole traders gain some internet knowledge and skills which will enable them to find more customers, be more efficient and in turn save money too. The funding will be allocated to 22 projects set to provide resources and bridge the digital skills gap for small businesses.

A Working Partnership - The Government Teams Up

By teaming up with Local Enterprise Partnerships as well as Go ON UK this government scheme should offer a whole host of advice and suggestions for startups and small firms. The Do More Online tips on offer range from ways to create a website, engage with potential customers through social media, manage your finances safely online, and marketing your business’ digital presence.

Get Inspired - Your Ideas Can Become A Reality

7 Billion Ideas are a brand who have done just that - since their start up in March 2012. 7Billionideas have gone from pub idea to digital success. They used online resource crowdfunding to gain capital and attract a mentor to take onboard business advice. 7 Billion Ideas grew their following on social media, and have added revenue streams to the extent their founders have given up full time jobs to work on their business. We at Selesti have worked with them at every step from business creation, site build, and app design right through to phase 5 version of the website, which is due Q1 2015.

The digital world can be a minefield, so if you’re unsure about what you’re looking for feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, head to the Do More Online site to learn more about this campaign.