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Get Your Twitter Share Count Back And Increase Shares By 11%

Did you know getting your Twitter share count back is really simple, quick, free and could significantly increase the shares your content gets?

Much to the dismay of bloggers, webmasters and social media types, Twitter took the decision to depreciate their Tweet count feature back in October 2015.

This decision meant that the number showing your visitors how many people had shared a particular page on Twitter was gone forever.

Twitter share counts removed

While the share button will still function, humans are odd creatures that pick up on subtle cues and the 'social proof' of seeing other people sharing a page is significant.

In fact, research by Shareaholic analysing sharing data from over 300,000 websites showed an 11% drop in sharing activity when Twitter removed share counts.

Twitter share drop by Shareaholic

Despite this significant impact, many site owners have simply accepted defeat and let their Twitter counts remain blank when it's actually quite easy to reinstate a share count number.

What is newsharecounts.com?

Newsharecounts.com is a free service that will track your website for Tweet shares using the Twitter API via your existing Twitter account.

It will recover Twitter share counts from:

It will also display Twitter shares with most major Wordpress plugins such as:

The only downside to any of the present solutions is that they can't retrieve historical Tweet counts past 7 days, which is a limitation on the data you can access from Twitter. This means the sooner you start tracking your site, the sooner you'll start getting historical data and the social proof that will increase your share rate.

Get share counts with newsharecounts.com

The setup process is very simple:

  1. Enter your domain name
  2. Sign in with Twitter (they will request read-only access to the account)
  3. Insert a Javascript include on your site (it's here)

After you've signed in with Twitter, setup your domain to track and included the javascript on your site, you'll begin seeing Twitter counts come back within a matter of hours. Don't worry if it you don't see anything immediately; it can take a little time to pull in the first count of the last 7 days.

The solution works well with new tweets being detected in an average of 60 seconds if you're only tracking a handful of websites on that Twitter account.

With the account setup and tracking, you can sit back and enjoy having tweet counts back and increased engagement through social proof.