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Improved Targeting with Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

This coming June, Google is set to release an Enhanced Campaigns upgrade for Adwords. “What are Enhanced Campaigns?” I hear you ask. Well gather round and let Uncle Selesti tell you all about them...

Google have recognised that consumers today are constantly connected via their desktops, mobiles and tablet devices. Users want search results anytime, anywhere, and their listings may vary depending on the device and location. This means it’s more important than ever to adapt content to reach and convert the multi-screen consumer more effectively.

Google has outlined two areas that determine the success of an advert which helps provide an indication of which ads should be delivered at any given time and location.

  1. Intent – Consumers trying to solve a problem, trying to buy a product or looking for an answer
  2. Context –   Consumer’s device, location & the time of day

From this, we can gather the formula for a successful ad campaign is intent x context.

What does this mean for your business? Well very simply that you can (and should) deliver tailored messages to various devices and locations with smarter ads that are relevant to intent and context.