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Inspired iOS Developer Joins Selesti

Selesti are steadily filling our new bigger home with more people - our newest recruit is an experienced iOS developer so we can produce even higher quality mobile apps for our clients (and more of them at once!).

Adam Halesworth joins us after 3 years of being a self-employed web and app designer, Adam displayed a clear passion and commitment to his chosen area of digital work during the selection process which we are sure will make him a perfect fit here.

Adam’s experience of development is testament to his love for the industry, having begun coding pictures on his Commodore 64 at a very early age! Early tinkering progressed to a serious hobby when he encountered Half-Life, his favourite game at the age of 14. Here he honed his skills, programming mods and maps to create a unique experience for himself and other gamers.

We pride ourselves on building revolutionary mobile app experiences, something that comes as second nature to Adam; development is more than just his job. This drive to create new and unique experiences is something that he brings to a range of projects that we have here at Selesti, including the soon to be released 7BillionIdeas update, the first touch up of the award winning social app since it launched last year.

When he is not at his desk, he loves to play with code, finding out new things that change his approach for the better. However, he also loves hardware. Only a developer would be keen for us not to leave that out! He boasts that he has never once bought a PC, having always built his computers from the ground up, and loves to see what else he can get out of existing technology. When he isn’t busy building things or programming, he manages to relax playing his Xbox. A real diversion from his day job...

If you want to find out more about how Adam’s approach to app development can change your brand for the better, or think you have the skills to beat him on Xbox Live, give us a shout.