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(The first) Day in the life of an Intern at Selesti

6:30am is early for anyone, but for a student that hadn’t seen the morning for months on end, it was a slight shock to the system, to say the least. Before I could even think about resuming my comfortable sleeping position my smug iPhone alarm began to erupt in my ear, reminding me that I was waking up while it was dark outside for one very good reason...

...to start my Internship at Selesti, an award winning digital agency in Norwich.

The interview process had been prolonged due to some both unfortunate and hilarious facial swelling that left me looking like I had been ‘FatBoothed’. Annoyingly this also rendered every member of my family helpless with laughter at any glimpse of my enlarged face. When I had managed to peel myself out of my onesie and shrink my face to normal size, I attended an interview at their Norwich office.

Selesti are in The Drum's Top 100 UK Design Agencies, so I needed to do some serious research to prove to the Head of Client Services that I was suitable for this placement. 3pm was the time of the meeting, which seemed a very doable time for a normally nocturnal being like myself.
My pre-interview nerves were for nothing, as all seemed to go well, and  we covered everything I’d learned about the industry and then moved on to discussing teachers from our shared secondary school. The next step was to await  further contact. Will they contact me? What will they say?

I needn’t have envisioned several scary scenarios about being ignored or rejected, as shortly after the interview I  received an email while sitting in the local McDonalds. Hayley, Selesti’s expert Search Marketing Manager, had sent me a brief: to write a PR article for an online distribution website, advertising one of their clients’ products. I had a real brief; this was a real responsibility for a live client, and what came with that was an ideal opportunity to shine, and show I was up to the tasks that would face me if successful in getting the position.

I worked quickly to get the article drafted, as I was aware that would be part of what I was being judged upon. After triple checking my work I sent back to Hayley and crossed my fingers.

I received the email offering me the position as a Digital Marketing Assistant Intern here at Selesti, while in a snowy log cabin in Cromer. The reception was poor, but I received the message loud and clear: I had the offer of my ideal internship. The initial start date was set, and all I had to do was wait a week to organise myself and then I could start. Getting my foot on the first rung of the digital marketing ladder I was sure I would begin to climb, something that isn’t easy to do these days. So with experience, willingness and an eager attitude I hoped to embark on a successful marketing career.

Then I missed the bus.

Out went any illusion of this sparkly, prompt and eager intern, instead was me, grumbling about the buses and traffic in Norwich; sounding like a teen making up excuses for not doing their homework, I might as well have said the dog ate the bus or the traffic must be in my other bag.

Thankfully this was forgiven with a smile and I was shown to a desk within the Client Services team. The 9 to 5:30 aspect of the job hit me, as I also quickly realised that this was my desk and with it came a great deal of responsibility. I was no longer a part time waitress, but an ambitious intern moving out of sleepy Beccles to a city centre award winning agency.  I had a feeling that this transition could be the exciting start of something big. A sparkling digital career at Selesti.

This is what I’ve always wanted to do. And to think, I might be doing this sort of stuff as my career, being able to wake up in the morning and be excited about my job*.

*and the monthly pay day parties - first one is Friday and Poker night.

If you’re like me and want to get some experience in digital marketing, in client services or as a developer, keep up with our blog to find out what it’s like at Selesti, or get in touch to find out first hand!