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iPad and iPhone App Development of iDrills App

A groundbreaking new football coaching iPad app is in design and development at Selesti. Dave Carolan, ex Norwich City Sports Scientist and currently with League 1's Colchester United has appointed Selesti as the agency to bring his new innovative product to life.

Dave has spent over 15 years working alongside coaches in a number of sports and seeing them face the daily conundrum of providing functional and stimulating sessions for players. He feels it is important for the modern day coach to embrace the technology and resources available to them "They should interact with other coaches in order to continually improve their knowledge of best practice and I feel that a professionally designed App, which not only allows the coach to Consume, but also Create content is a key step forward."

With so many of the apps currently available it is and either/or situation - create or consume. He adds “I don't want to limit the creativity of the coach in providing inspiration to other coaches.” The app will of course offer in-app purchases to help provide ideas and inspiration, and has plans to back this up with interviews with coaches and players to find out what makes them tick, and keeps their enthusiasm going.

Whilst we can't be too revealing in the exact functionality detail for now, the new iPad app will be developed to suit the everyday needs of coaches with Uefa badges, all the way down to Sunday league and youth team football managers. Eventually this will become a full system to help maximise the preparation and performance of players and coaches. Dave has worked with clubs and coaches on everything from warm-ups and cool downs, on and off-field conditioning, rehabilitation, nutrition, logistics and off course performance analysis using various systems. This application is the beginning of a suite of integrated apps to help coaches provide the best support for themselves as well as to players and other coaches or parents.

We have begun the conceptual design process, alongside a thorough scoping and planning phase to ensure maximum impact upon launch of the app. That includes branding design, which echoes the modernity of the technology and strength and robustness of the product - which will fill gaps in the market that many existing available coaching apps don't get close to touching.

Selesti will also be producing a marketing website to accompany and promote the product, with exclusive video and written content from Dave and his numerous contacts from both on the pitch and on the sidelines of the professional game. To support this, our direction and expertise to help push the app through targeted social channels and the App Store itself will ensure it reaches the desired audience.

The iPad app will be available packed with content, and immediately after launch in-app purchases and a subscription model will enable its users to interact and engage with the product, including ratings and user generated submissions. The app will be rolled out to iPhone and Androids platforms too.

The cross fertilisation of coaching methodologies from all across the globe means that the technical and tactical Influences are always pushing forward, although now at an increasingly faster pace. Children are exposed to new ideas of technical mastery through Coerver Coaching, Football de Salao, and Brazilian Soccer Schools and we would hope going forward to be able to integrate some of these sessions into the sessions available to coaches to download.

We look forward to sharing more detail about this exciting new development in the technology of coaching football - in the mean time sign up for updates on the web or follow iDrills on Twitter.