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We’ve knit ourselves up a treat for Save The Children!

Today we’re wearing our most festive apparel in support of childrens’ charity Save The Children! If you don’t like embarrassing Xmas attire, look away now...

Selesti have donned our best Xmas jumpers to truly stand out and declare our support for Save The Children this festive season. It may be Friday the 13th, but really we’re very lucky unlike many children across the world, so now is our chance to give something back.

We aren’t the only ones though, everyone from other businesses in our local area to Richard Branson is getting in on the act on #xmasjumperday, all of the money going to help children across the world that are desperately in need of our help. It’s Christmas, so a bit of charity like this never goes amiss.

From Support Adoption For Pets to The Big Issue Foundation, we work with a wide range of charitable organisations both in and out of the office. This year we even donated all the money we could have spent on cards to two very important causes; The Disaster Emergency Committees Philippines Appeal and local cancer charity The Big C. We’ve had a great year here at Selesti, and the least we can do is to try and help those in difficult situations get some support.

Now comes the important bit. If you’re feeling generous, then don’t delay, get your phone out and text TEAMSELESTI to 70050 to donate a £1 to Save The Children. It may not seem like much, but your money could go towards delivering re-hydration treatment to some very poorly kids in Africa.

I mean, come on, you can see how silly we all look!

Xmas Jumper Day For Save The Children At Digital Agency Selesti