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Learning Resources Receives An Education From Selesti Search

Good morning, your lesson today will be on how to improve website visibility in search by 50% year on year, increase organic revenue by 65% YOY as well as by 578.37% from PPC, and be an all round great agency for one of the UKs best educational toy brands - Learning Resources.

First, deliver some fantastic consultancy improving the site’s speed and overall technical prowess - making sure that those pesky search bots can get through the site and read all that they need to. (check)

Second, expand the content on the site to reflect the wide range of fantastic products that Learning Resources have to offer. (check)

Third, deliver a Pay Per Click campaign that really performs to meet their chosen budget. (check)

Finally, help them to discover new platforms and become all round fantastic digital geniuses as (almost) an extension of their marketing team. (check)

Well there you have it. And we really have increased the site’s organic search revenue by 65% and PPC by 578.37% year on year when looking at the month of June. Just saying... again.

Laura Fox, Internet Marketing Co-ordinator at Learning Resources - who is usually very reserved when it comes to talking about Selesti - had this to say about the fantastic improvement in their internet fortunes:

"We are delighted with the improvements in the ROI we have received through working with Selesti. Our roadmap was developed and is maintained to suit our requirements as an educational company, considering peaks and troughs associated with the academic calendar. June and July can be quiet months for us, but an increase of 728.87% in our Total Minus Spend for June '13 vs June '14 is incredibly encouraging!"

If you want to get the grades in search, then be sure to get in touch with our team of Search Marketing gurus - you won’t regret it when you get your report card.

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