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Meet Callum, Selesti's New Intern!

Callum McCahon has joined Selesti for an 8 week internship role in the client services team. Joining us two thirds of the way through a Philosophy & Politics degree at the UEA, Callum’s active interest in digital marketing and social media brought him to apply for the role to learn more about a possible career in an agency. He tells us he’s here to observe and learn from the online marketing gurus in client services, in addition to starting to build his professional network while honing his skills in a real marketing environment. We think he’s here to make the tea.

Callum is also very into his music, possessing an extensive record collection and in his spare time we’re told he’s found behind turntables practicing his DJ ‘skills’ - though we’ve not been invited to judge yet. He also really loves sushi, and is a big fan of independent films.

No two days are the same at Selesti HQ, and all our interns carry out a wide variety of tasks, each involving a high level of independence and responsibility on their part. An internship role in client services involves supporting the team with their projects, and producing real PR content, guest blogging, social media updates and more for actual paying clients; hopefully really valuable experience.

An internship gives a valuable opportunity to turn theory into practice. There is a limit to how much you can learn in the classroom, and such an opportunity is often seen as a launching pad for a young professional looking to make their first step in the constantly evolving and exciting, if slightly daunting, world of digital marketing.

If you think that you might be interested in such a role, or want to hire a great (to be confirmed) DJ, we encourage you to get in touch!