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Musicroom email marketing campaigns a success

Selesti have continued our relationship as Musicroom's digital creative agency. Their Sales and Marketing team have had a reshuffle, and our client services team have really enjoyed working with the new faces on board there over a series of initial email marketing and site creative jobs.
We have been designing their marketing output online for a little over a year now and Musicroom are another great example of a client that had an urgent requirement when we first approached them regarding the opportunity or working with them. We turned round some creative for them in record time, and have been called upon as and when required ever since.
E-shots that Selesti have been producing in the last couple of weeks include the opening of new stores (Leeds) and upselling the stock available at sale prices in others (Galleria). We are well accustomed to their branding and the vibrant style with which they communicate their message to customers.These campaigns, as with all Musicroom email marketing campaigns have seen extremely high CTR and coversion to sale.
In addition to the design and HTML work we’re currently working on for them we shall be pro-actively suggesting other digital possibilities where they’re expanding company can further enforce the online presence of their traditionally offline business.