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New faces, new code, and some funny Vines - just another month with Selesti

We’re busy bunnies on social media at Selesti, and we thought that as we get a load of retweets from our lovely followers, we’d give you a roundup of some of the top things we’ve seen and even shared with the world ourselves.

Multi device testing

At the top of the pile is our junior web developer Shaun Wall, and his musings on how to make multi device testing one heck of a lot simpler:

Multi-device #testing can be a right pain, but not for @Nomaki and our team - http://t.co/bc5TYPvNec #webdevelopment pic.twitter.com/be3MnMYt06

— Selesti (@Selesti) August 8, 2014

If you’re in web development or just testing then you should head over to the article and have a read - it’s enlightening stuff!

Javascript & WebGL go galactic

For those of you who like a bit of space travel, our developers found the following piece of genius coding:

Wonderful example of both #javascript and #WebGL here, as well as being v. informative about the #ISEE-3 - http://t.co/vfCK1FFt3i #space

— Selesti (@Selesti) August 12, 2014

We loved it, especially as it lived up to its name of a ‘spacecraft for all’.

Some intriguing (web) developments...

Our team stumbled upon these great new tools for coding with javascript, and wanted to share them further with the world:

Some of the latest and most popular #webdevelopment tools for coding with #javascript - http://t.co/Rz4MGWtytR thanks @juristr!

— Selesti (@Selesti) August 20, 2014

With a whole host of new faces joining us, or having already joined us, we’re looking forward to providing our clients with a more streamlined and expanded digital marketing service to go along with our already (even if we do say so ourselves) brilliant web design and development.

Short videos making money

It wouldn’t be a social media article without some entertaining videos - and this article really drew the eye of us and our followers:

As you can now make money from #Vine, here's an article on how users have become '6 second superstars' - http://t.co/OvwC1g8gOH #socialmedia

— Selesti (@Selesti) August 14, 2014

I mean, fancy making millions for six second videos? Of course this was going to be a popular one.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of the month of August, be sure to check here (or on our social media of course) for all the latest updates from the world of digital!