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New Global management consultancy website launched

The all new WSP Environment & Energy website has been launched, heralding the successful conclusion of a comprehensive and thorough project which sees the global management & risk assessment consultancy become the proud owners of some all-powerful functionality.

Key among the features of this build is the element of ultimate flexibility we have delivered. All content uploaded to the site can be assigned to a location; it can be displayed to either global or specific location\'s audience. The site has the capacity to be entirely multilingual, meaning that there are sections of the site behaving almost like microsites; for instance, the Chinese sector which can all be viewed in simple Chinese.

The website includes an extensive media centre, which allows them to showcase audio, like here on their Careers page and video, as shown on their Corporate Strategy area.

From the initial pitch onwards, we have worked closely with fellow Norwich agency Balloon Dog on the project, with our complementary skills again combining to produce an unbeatable offering seeing off some impressive competition.

Future phases of the site will be rolled out later in 2009 and other aspects of our full service digital offerings are being considered to, such as search engine optimisation.

To read about the whole project in more detail, click here.