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NHS extranet project delivered in record time

NHS Lincolnshire launched their new training website today, after setting Selesti a challenge in terms of speed of delivery that we couldn't resist.

Selesti have hosted and maintained the online training and Workforce Development Team elements of NHS Lincolnshire for over 2 years and as part of their rebrand as Lincolnshire Learning Academy, a new website was demanded in record time. Whilst plans for the project had been long in the pipeline to improve user experience, help upsell training and courses to corporate customers outside of the NHS and ease a considerable administrative burden, the rebrand was seen as the perfect opportunity to invest in reinventing how the former "PCT" worked online.

After having the concept and core page template designs signed off, Selesti were given only 6 weeks to develop, test and deliver the website, including integrating the staff database with the "Electronic Staff Record" - where all NHS staff details are maintained. This was in order for the rebrand to launch in-step with the new site, which from today thousands of users will be booking their mandatory and personal development training through.

This website is powered by a secure content management system which allows admin users to upload course content, manage the attendance records of NHS training courses and amend in real time the copy and images on the site to ensure maximum return on investment for their department.

We are proud of our achievement of bringing in another large scale development on time and on budget, and we even had untouched contingency available prior to launch to add further nice-to-have functions to maximise the user experience for site visitors and administrative staff alike.

You can see the new website here: http://www.learning.lincolnshire.nhs.uk/