Nine Apps ‘Appening

As a gift on the ninth day of Christmas, we run you through some of the mobile app development projects we’ve had going on this year, and some soon to come!

It’s all ‘appening here at Selesti (that’s the last one, promise). As an award winning digital agency we can’t just focus on web design and development and forget to mention our work over the past year in the field of mobile apps. And what a great year it’s been, delivering smartphone experiences for a number of different clients that really break the mould.

From revolutionary social media platforms to golf, we have applied our expertise to all sorts of projects, ensuring that we create a product that might make you think “there’s an app for that!?”, but will leave you saying “why hasn’t there been an app for that before?”. Here’s nine of our latest and best:


Perhaps our most high profile project this year was for the NHS. The East Coast Community Healthcare Breastfeeding Team wanted to help new mothers understand and put into practice this important process, and we delivered.

We’re properly chuffed with this great little app, which provides helpful health advice and resources to new mums and their partners. But that’s not all. As well as allowing for personalisation with their own photos, the app will identify cafes or restaurants that openly encourage breastfeeding using smartphones’ maps functionality. And if mums are having trouble there’s always the on-board symptom checker, and the ECCH team are contactable through the app itself!

The app is available for iPhone through the AppStore, and via Android if you use the mobile site. The initial launch has received a great reception, if you missed any of the hoo ha, it was even mentioned on the local Anglia News!

7BillionIdeas, iPhone & Android projects:

As we have mentioned, 7BillionIdeas this year had an update to its already fantastic mobile app. Now users can interact with their social media platform better than ever before, having streamlined the Facebook login process.

Our second project is to provide further new features to really bolt on functionality to grow the usability of longevity of their audience’s involvement with the platform. These are being rolled out in phase 3 of their website at the moment, including sharing private ideas and an Android version to open up to a whole new on-the-go audience.

UK Game Fair:

It’s a big event in Norfolk’s calendar, the Game Fair presenting to the public the best in country sports and more. But what if you wanted to organise your day there before you go? Well that’s where we stepped in.

We provided the Game Fair with an app that enables visitors to find all the information they need on the event. What better way to help them make the most of their day than with an app that allows them to schedule their time, including maps of the showground to help them get about?

Golf Days UK:

Are you a budding McIlroy? Want to get on top of your game, without having to note down your score and work it all out after every hole? Well, there’s soon going to be an app for that.

We’re working with Golf Days to deliver an app that can be pre-loaded onto iPhone devices, so that their clients can enjoy a game of golf without having to think about all the fiddly maths involved in handicaps and different game types. The leaderboards can then be viewed on a screen at the clubhouse, so players can enjoy their bragging rights after a long day on the fairway.

Fyt Fit:

We’re all about making apps that have never been conceived before, let alone put into production. We have been working with Fyt Fit to produce a boxing fitness app that delivers a knock-out blow to fitness apps already in the AppStore.

With a virtual training system, users can develop their skills whether they are a complete amateur or an experienced pro, and compare their scores with friends to try and challenge themselves to progress. Want a new fitness regime for the new year? You’ve just found it. Watch this space for the launch date in early 2014.

Sandra Reynolds:

If you’re in the modelling profession, you may well have heard of this leading Norfolk agency, and we’re busy working to create them a fantastic mobile app for iOS. The app will be used both by professionals and those looking to hire through the agency, with the functionality to showcase portfolios on an iPad even without an internet connection - great for casting calls!

If you’re looking for a model, you can search by height, hair colour and more, and even add your favourites to a shortlist for future reference. We want to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible, and that’s what we’ll be doing once we crack on in the New Year.

Nelsons Journey:

A fantastic local charity, this iPhone app will be aimed at young people who have recently suffered a bereavement amongst their friends or family. The content of the app will be a digital and mobile version of their supportive workshops already delivered in our region.

The project is under way with some strongly branded designs created which have received a great reaction from their youth focus groups to date.

The Butterfly Project:

This iPhone app sees three Scottish hospices combine to deliver great access to their support and services through one consolidated mobile app. With funding from the lottery, young people are going to receive support through the most difficult times they face, and the app has loads to occupy them, including links to iTunes for uplifting songs to download.

As you can see our app development team have been hard at work this year, keep tuned into our blog to find out more about our in house development team on the tenth instalment of our twelve days of Christmas!

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