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Norwich Digital Agency celebrates 8th birthday

8 years ago I started Selesti on my own in the spare bedroom of my house. I had a real passion for design and web with a determination to go it alone having worked for various industry organisations.

Within the first 6 months I was inundated with work, so much so I was doing 18 hour days 7 days a week. As you can imagine, that became too much so I began to recruit outsourced development specialists from all over the UK and globally. I moved into Selesti’s first office at Garsett House on St Andrews Hall Plain, a grade two listed building in the centre of Norwich.

I had one small room at the top of what we fondly referred to as ‘Selesti Towers’. The work Selesti was producing was winning awards, including 8 in one night, and I could really begin to see things taking off. I was finding it increasingly difficult to manage the developers, create designs and meet new customers to discuss solutions with them, let alone run the business. I began to recruit a team to help manage the growing accounts, this was a major decision for me; I had to find just the right people who I could trust and shared my relentless commitment to meet the highest possible standards.

Within 3 years of launch, we had taken over the top floor of Garsett House with a dedicated team of developers and client services. Being a close-knit team, we enjoyed some fantastic reward days to treat ourselves for successfully launching projects. We began to notch up some very significant campaigns and clients including BSM, Aviva, BT, the NHS, Pets at Home and many more. We never distanced ourselves from small start-up companies or charities either. I was then and remain now very keen to offer support and discounts to projects that I feel we could really help with and add value to. Today we still support a growing number of new ventures realise their dream, helping them start from scratch to an award winning campaign and company such as recent success story 7 Billion Ideas. We’ve never distanced ourselves from our roots either; we’re delighted to have retained some of our earliest customers, staying with us as we’ve grown over the years.

In 2012 it became increasingly important that we move premises as we feared the 500 year old floors at Selesti Towers would give way under the weight of how many team members we were trying to cram in. We were running out of corners to put desks into. In September 2012, after an exhaustive procurement process, we moved into a fantastic open plan office on St Giles Street. Our current home provides us the room to express ourselves, in a more creative and relaxing space. We’ve seen massive increases in productivity, and enjoy the benefits of getting the team together in huddle areas, or do battle over arcade games and table football. It also makes for a fantastic party venue which we (affectionately and accurately) call ‘Selesti Pub’.

In November 2012 we acquired OMG Search, one of the UK’s longest established Search Marketing agencies. With the acquisition of OMG into our existing Digital Marketing service portfolio we moved across their search team and clients with the view to offering our existing clients the new level of expertise.
Today we offer the complete range of digital marketing services from strategy and planning, branding, web design and development, iPhone Apps, Mobile web, email marketing, ecommerce, search engine optimisation and anything else digital you can think of or have ever seen on a brief!

It’s been an incredible 8 years and I feel very privileged to have a brilliant team of creative, passionate, dedicated and loyal Selestians who I count as good friends as well as colleagues. If it wasn’t for their hard work, Selesti would not be where we are today. We have some amazing clients who love to work with us and have done for 8 years since I launched the company.

A massive Happy 8th Birthday to everyone at Selesti (est. 2005), drinks on me tomorrow!

Ollie Blackmore, Managing Director