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Ollie To Embark On Cycle Challenge Japan

Yes, you read that right, our brave Managing Director, Ollie Blackmore is back on his bike having set himself an even more challenging challenge!

“After a well earned break, it’s taken me several months to think about my next challenge. But I’ve known all along what it should be, the new ride is Cycle Challenge Japan! 21 days of cycling all over Japan. Once again I’ll be carrying all my own equipment, spares, food and water. I won’t know where I will be staying each night and expect I’ll have to rough it on a few occasions”

You may remember when our courageous boss made history last year cycling solo around Vancouver Island, Canada. But sleeping with bears, hiding from cougars, and completing 2,316km of riding unsupported is going to seem a breeze compared with the task ahead.

This latest expedition begins on the 9th September and will see Ollie riding a gruelling 3,647km (2,266 miles) solo and unsupported, including a whopping 175,000 feet of climbs, all in just 21 days. To put that into perspective the Tour de France is 3,360km also in 21 days - almost 300km less than Ollie’s ride!

What’s more, he is really up against the weather conditions as the 21 day cycling challenge is during the peak of Japan’s typhoon season. Ollie’s route also takes him up Mt Fuji, through wild areas with bears, venomous snakes and giant hornets, into the Fukushima tsunami area, and past 14 active volcanos.

“Why would you do that?” We hear you asking. Well, just over a year ago Selesti offered a helping hand to Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, a cause that is fighting against dolphin captivity, cruelty and slaughter, and that fight continues. So Ollie has set himself the target of raising £15,000 for https://dolphinproject.net/, but more than that he plans to raise awareness, and even get the people of Japan to sign a petition which Ollie hopes to deliver to the Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, at the end of his ride.

“My final destination is Tokyo where I’ll try to meet with him and show the support gained throughout the 3 weeks I’ll ride, from the Japanese people, not just from the west. You can’t solve a problem unless you know about it, right? What happens in Taiji is kept a secret from most people in Japan.”

Follow the Facebook page for progress - where he can along the way, Ollie will be blogging his journey; or to show your support with a donation head here.

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