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Our Award Winning Web Development Team Needs A Newbie!

We’d like a web genius to step through our doors and become a PHP developer in our growing team. 2014 has started great, with lots of new clients already, so we need more hands on deck to bring their projects to life. You will have a chance to prove your skills across a wide range of different briefs; some of which may end up garnering some serious industry attention.

There are multiple opportunities coming up in the near future so we’d like to hear from middleweight and senior level developers with proven experience. AND if you’re an enthusiastic junior techie and want to strut your stuff, send us some examples of fantastic work you’ve been up to and we might just consider finding a seat for you too!

We don’t just want expertise though, we are a creative digital agency after all. We get on best with guys and girls who are passionate about web development that will bring some real flair to the table. You’ll eat, sleep, and generally love the digital world; especially in the following forms:

PHP, MySQL HTML, CSS & JavaScript Frameworks

If you know your way round Kohana, CodeIgniter, HTML5 & CSS3, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, Titanium, and Payment Gateways, that’ll go down swell too.

We take care of our own, and as such we can offer you a range of cushy benefits in return for your coding prowess:

  • Lovely open plan offices with a bright and friendly atmosphere
  • All the software you could possibly need at your fingertips
  • Like Tea? We’ve got it on tap here, just make sure you return the favour every now and then
  • Weekends off plus 20-25 days paid holiday every year
  • Regular thirst quenching opportunities at the local pub
  • Your Birthday off to spend as you wish
  • ‘Fat Friday’, a weekly grease-fest in the form of bacon butties or breakfast muffins
  • Of course, some cash in your account every month!

Sound appealing? Well then this is your chance, get in touch with our team as soon as you can with your CV and covering letter, to let us know why we couldn’t possibly pick anyone else!

As usual, if you’re an agency - please don’t contact us.

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