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Our Lead Generation Sites Have No Comparison

PMI Express launch their new website today, purpose built for health insurance intermediary The Health Insurance Group. This new platform encourages users to compare quotes from a range of leading insurers within moments.

This is the latest in a series of campaigns for the AXA subsidiary - starting with their core brand’s new site which went live this time last year. We delivered both an up to date web presence and then an effective search marketing campaign; they were so impressed with our hard graft that they came back for more (and we don’t blame them).

In PMI Express we have delivered a great looking and easy to use comparison platform that is bright, friendly, and most importantly; secure. We know that people looking for health insurance take their privacy very seriously, and as a result we’ve kept up to our usual ISO 27001 accredited standards to ensure that no one can access anyone’s personal information. This means multiple rounds of extensive testing, and guess what? We passed, no surprises there really.

Just because it is built like the Bank Of England certainly doesn’t mean that it boasts period architecture. We’ve used the most up to date online tricks to enable users to quickly enter their information and generate the quotes that are right for them in minutes - ‘Express’ by name...

If you are in need of an up to date website designed by an award winning digital agency, created as securely as it is functional, then why not get in touch with us?