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Our SEO brings all the (old and new) clients to the yard

Our Search Marketing team have followed up their successful first couple of months of 2013 with yet more new retainer wins. We are continuing to invest in the right personel to bolster our comprehensive Search Marketing services, including Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising and SEO among others, and its leading clients both old and new to enquire just what we can do for them.

The newest addition to our client portfolio is Sarah Raven; a television presenter, cook, writer for the Daily Telegraph, and now providing her own national brand of gardening products. Sarah approached us to create an effective PPC campaign for her beautiful products and engaging courses for people keen to learn about gardening. We are looking forward to helping Sarah Raven’s brand achieve its full potential.

Our bolstered SEM services have also meant clients are keen to expand their Selesti experience. Having worked on websites for Pets At Home, TNT Magazine, and Sports Injury Clinic, we are now happy to be providing them the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation, helping make the most of the award winning designs and development we have already launched for them.

Pets At Home’s campaign to support pet adoption is something that we feel passionately about, and we want to see their charity gain as much recognition as possible; raise awareness and ultimately rehome pets in need of a new chapter in life. Through a sleek user experience and complimentary SEO campaign, these are targets we are confident we will help them meet.

From rescuing pets to entertaining backpackers - we have renewed our relationship with TNT Magazine, (both their UK and Down Under editions), free publications that have been described as a travel bible by many globe hopping tourists. TNT lists important information for travellers wanting to find jobs, gigs or any entertainment in a completely new country. We are proud to work with this international brand, both creating their website, driven by our powerful CMS HQ Content Management System, which we’re using to provide SEO, so they can continue to build on their glowing reputation amongst backpackers.

Last but certainly not least, we have increased the role we play in the digital marketing output of Sports Injury Clinic. This website, again designed around a bespoke variation of our CMS HQ product, provides information on a wide range of sporting injuries. Using their expert knowledge, their specialist trained staff help users diagnose and find treatment for their injuries. Sports injuries are very common, and using our SEO skills we want to make sure that Sports Injury Clinic is the first place people look for, and more importantly find, for help.

As you can see, we are finding that our impressive list of search marketing services is proving very popular amongst new and existing clients alike. If you would like to find out what all the fuss is about, and want an award winning website designed and marketed by a team that delivers Return On Investment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 01603 760767.