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Play our ‘Partridge in a Pair Tree’ game and raise money for charity!

Christmas only comes once a year, but the Selesti team have been working all-year round helping our selected local and national charity clients achieve their digital ambitions.

The whole team is proud to provide on-going support to:

This year, rather than send Christmas cards we decided to create a game to share with our clients to raise money for the charities we support. We’re all proud to present our Christmas game: And a Partridge in a Pair Tree

We would love for you to play and we’ll be donating 1 pence to charity for every pair that you make, up to a grand total of £1,000!

The game was made using PIXI.js (an HTML5 canvas tool), which allowed for the ‘game part’ to be made, with everything else being controlled via CSS3 animations using SVGs for crisp graphics on all devices. The game connects via the Facebook SDK to include a leaderboard system.

As anyone who works at an agency knows, finding time for your own projects can be challenging. When we asked developer Owen Melbourne what his greatest challenges were building the game, he said “Working without a scope or wireframes. for people that couldn’t make up their mind, to a tiny time frame”. Classic Owen.

We’d like to take this chance to wish all of our clients and visitors a very happy Christmas and we hope you enjoy the game!

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