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Search Marketing Wins for Selesti

A non-stop year at the Selesti Offices has meant the news section has been neglected and for that we are truly sorry. So for friends of Selesti, all you digital marketing fans, (and not to mention other agencies, Hi by the way, thanks for dropping by) here is an update of all the exciting stuff that we’ve been busying ourselves with of late.

As you all know Selesti acquired OMG Search back in November meaning we now have the expertise to offer a more comprehensive search marketing solution. We like to think our existing offer was pretty darn good, though we can confidently say we are now even better. The new SEO team members that joined us certainly tell us so...

This change has been welcomed by our existing clients, lots of whom have utilised this arm of our agency one way or another since we expanded our operation in search marketing. Whether it be SEM consultancy or SEO health check packages, brands like The Forum and Jarrold to name but a few have enjoyed the benefits.

We are delighted to announce that we have recently won a new SEO contract with educational toys brand Learning Resources; they make fun and high quality learning aids for kids. Teachers and Parents love their award winning products, and we are trying to find excuses to order and play with some... Learning Resources is a brand teachers trust and we are looking forward to increasing their success online.

Another new client making themselves comfy in our portfolio is The Heaslth Insurance Group, providers of private medical insurance - health cover that delivers a unique insight into the health care market and impartial advice from expert advisors. We have a created a bespoke package that encompasses their platform migration, CMS, extranet and also search engine marketing.

We are already finding that businesses and charities are looking for a creative agency that can achieve SEM goals as well as housing all their wider digital requirements such as apps, website design and build. We’d love to hear from you if you fall into this category, or if your brand in 2013 is missing just one of the services we offer.

Selesti could help you configure your Google Analytics, make more of leads and ensure you get and keep ahead of competitors. Contact our team to see what we can do for your return on investment.