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Acceleration, incubation, and creation; all to avoid stagnation (so we’re going to do a bit of fermentation)

In a packed room of Agency owners eager to grow their businesses The Drum’s Agency Acceleration Day exceeded expectations, being both insightful and inspirational.

The day was filled with thought leaders and industry experts offering insight into the future of digital agencies, with tips on everything from keeping clients happy, to staff management and how to recruit the right talent. And it was all interspersed with various biscuit breaks to keep sugar - and attention levels - up.

Absorbing this information, as well as consuming more than our fair share of shortbread, was Selesti’s very own MD Ollie Blackmore, Head of Client Services Tom Parsley and your favourite Search Marketing Manager (that’s me by the way).

We absorbed a plethora of information over the course of the day, while networking and gaining assurance that Selesti’s future planning and positioning was on the right track.

There were many key takeaways from the day, including insights from the major players in the industry such as OgilvyOne MD Jo Coombs. She shared the view that smaller agencies tend to be more creative with their commercial proposals than a networked agency with less flexibility, and detailed how they are looking to strategize against this limitation.

“We are piloting different types of models, licensing models and other ways of getting paid for what we do. That is one of the challenges actually of a big agency - you have clients in big organisations and they say, ‘this is how we pay, and these are the rates that we are prepared to pay and this is the structure’.”

It is an interesting perspective, and the general consensus as the floor was opened for questions was that the ‘Think Big, and act Small’ mantra can be applied to any industry. The way larger agencies are tackling this is to create nimble teams able to offer clients a more flexible and innovative strategy.

Tim Williams - Marketing Author and Consultant to Agencies as part of Ignition Group (follow @TimWilliamsICG) - delivered a gripping presentation filled with great insights into the way in which we should ‘think of ourselves in a way that transcends messages, as the role of the incubator to help clients’. ‘Agencies need not focus on ads but product development by creating Labs’ he said, citing many agencies that had created ‘liquors’ to sell and market so they understood the process of product development and how to generate a revenue stream in a new way.

So watch this space, a Selesti Vodka could be coming to a store near you soon... I for one will be the first in line for testing and plan to do some thorough competitive research....*hic*

What do you think Agencies will be like in 20 years? Have you had experience with larger and smaller agencies which do you prefer? More importantly would you buy Selesti Vodka? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting #selestiagency or #selestivodkagetitmade!