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Selesti Delivers User Experience Overhaul To Norfolk County Council

If you’ve been on the Norfolk County Council’s website recently, you may have noticed a bit of a change - well, we’re chuffed to say that it was us! And when we say ‘a bit of a change’, you may think that is an understatement, as we’ve totally overhauled the look and feel of our local authority’s online platform.

We love the web here at Selesti, obviously, and as such strive to make it a great place to be. So when we were approached to assess the UX (User Experience) of the NCC site and offer a new design, we jumped at the chance to make a real difference for our local council.

As part of our UX report we helped the NCC to understand the latest web trends, including simpler search functionality, grid layouts, and much more - to ensure that when visitors came to the site it was immediately apparent where they had to go.

It took a fair bit of work, breaking down the website into it’s most basic actions and functionality and then assigning universal icons (isotypes for the designers out there) to signpost the various user journeys, then assigning a colour palette for various existing and potential future sections to enable recognition at a glance. 

Not only does this make the website better for the people of Norfolk, but helps our local authority to deliver the support, advice, and services that they do. And as a member of the EDP’s Future50 Class of 2013, we’re obviously happy to help our region in this way.

We’re confident that visitors to the site will now find it easier to do anything from reporting road issues to finding out when their bins are collected using the overhauled interface. And what’s more, they’ll be able to do it from anywhere they like! The new responsive layout and menu system ensuring that whether they’re at their desktop or on their smartphone, the site will be accessible and user friendly.

If you want to find out more about why the Norfolk County Council chose us for their design overhaul, or our award-generating Digital Team, then don’t hesitate to give us a shout today!

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