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Selesti get creative online for Arts Industry magazine

The new Arts Industry website has been launched by Selesti. At the centre of our first project for them has been moving their monthly offline magazine online behind a subscription paywall.
We were chosen thanks to our proven track record of delivering visually stunning projects to a tight deadline and budget, our overall objective being to develop the functionality and improve upon both the user experience and revenue opportunities of their existing online presence. Selesti's content management system tools we showed would ensure their desired ultimate flexibility on content, allowing for the site to be updated continuously; essential to maintain its news focused nature.
Their offline magazine, the editorial team of which is based locally, with further contributors from London, targets everyone in the world of art, from councils and academic institutions to creative individuals themselves. Their previous online incarnation was centred around 'TaitMail', a bi-weekly newsletter written by one of their editors, Simon Tait. Arts Industry recognised the potential in providing their growing 5000+ subscribers with a more substantial offering, and therefore were looking to move more content online, with the aim of a website that married together their online and offline audiences, featuring more regular news which users can sign up online to read in between the monthly magazines.
Powering the new website is a bespoke content management system, robustly built with full control of subscribers, including subscriber renewals, free trials and restriction of content. Their administrative staff can create, amend and delete corporate accounts and an unlimited number of subsidiary accounts with bespoke discounted rates. The front end of the site has a full ecommerce system built into it with personal My Account section - enabling subscribers to manage their own renewals etc.  As part of managing the online migration we imported all 1000 existing paid up monthly magazine subscribers into the new database from their previous offline system and provided all with individual login details so they were able to access all restricted content with a single sign on.
Another content managed element Arts Industry have invested in is control of the display advertising and Flash banners appearing on their site. Via the administrative tools provided by Selesti, their staff have user-friendly access to banner rotation, click tracking, zone-based ad selection, zone-based campaign targeting, direct ad selection, all with a full reporting suite. This was a key new revenue stream they were eager to explore, generating income by selling banner space and charging to display job adverts.
Other elements of this substantial first project included an interactive events calendar, implementing Google search functionality and integrating a new Wordpress blog for the TaitMail content to be published on. 
For ongoing promotion of Arts Industry, we designed two email marketing newsletters, delivered to be entirely content manageable using our simple user friendly editing tools - enabling their administrative staff to insert and amend text and images for each campaign sent out. One is for paying subscribers, which is sent out in conjunction with the main magazine, the second is for the weekly update from TaitMail. We will also be discussing an search engine optimisation campaign going forward.
Other projects recently completed with our all-powerful content management systems, ideal for the demands of publishing companies and magazines including TNT Magazine and Schofield Publishing.