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Selesti Intern Codes Himself A Year's Placement

We’re all about helping people here at Selesti, which is why we’re chuffed to announce we’re taking on a local student for a year’s placement in our web development team. Tak Mazarura has recently become a more permanent member of our group of techies, having proven himself a dab hand with HTML and all things front end during his recent internship.

Our Head of Web Development Jamie initially saw the UEA’s summer internship programme as a great way for Selesti to “give back to the community”, helping budding devs to get a start in the industry. However, after spending a few weeks with Tak as part of his team he quickly saw that he was so “enthused by the technology”, and showed real potential for further advancement to a more permanent role.

We were happy to fulfil Tak’s dreams to learn more about Javascript and get even better at PHP, beyond what he has learnt already on the BA in Computer Sciences at the UEA, and as he spent more time in our offices he soon realised that Selesti was the only place for him. The opportunities to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities were just the start - especially when he discovered our secret ping pong table and the monthly table football championships.

He waxes lyrical about his time at Selesti already, saying it’s great that he’s “being paid to build a foundation where your dreams take shape”. Needless to say we’re excited to see this enthusiasm being put towards a whole host of projects over the next 12 months. And when he’s not being an all round excellent Selestian or indulging in his love of Tic Tacs, he’ll be catching up on his app development hobby or chatting NFL with our other resident American Football fan Tom - a perfect fit.

So keep your eyes peeled for our great web projects over the next few months. Chances are that Tak will have had his enthusiastic mitts on them at some point! And if you’re interested in finding out more about our web development team and what they can do for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout today!

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