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Selesti launch NHS Breastfeeding mobile apps

New parents can now rely on a mobile app to support and encourage them to breastfeed their baby, designed and developed by Selesti. The helpful new application was commissioned by the East Coast Community Healthcare Breastfeeding Team in the NHS and is available now on the App Store for iPhone users. Soon all its content will be accessible as a mobile site on Android devices too.

The app, featured on ITV Anglia News, uses push notifications and a bright, friendly user experience and tone to deliver health advice, techniques and resources to new mums and their attendant partners. Research has shown that babies benefit from being breastfed for the first 6 months of their lives, whenever it’s possible for their mothers to do so, and using digital technology the team at ECCH can now give mums a cheerful nudge via their smartphones.

Breastfeeding mums can personalise their experience by uploading photos of their babies and themselves, integrating with the phone’s native camera feature. The app also seamlessly calls on the maps functionality of each smartphone type to display restaurants and cafes near to the user that welcome mums who breastfeed.

Content ranges from illustrative videos to a symptom checker for when things don’t seem to be going to plan. The dedicated Breastfeeding team are on hand 24/7 and users can contact them directly through the mobile app.

Selesti created the app in our Norwich city centre studio, adding to a number of projects we are proud to have produced for the NHS. However, this is actually the first one we’ve carried out for an arm of that great British institution as close as to us as ECCH are, only being based down the road in Great Yarmouth. There are already plans afoot to clone the application for a related team elsewhere in the region, benefitting from the Unicef and published authors’ content within it.

An essential part of all NHS contact with their patients and those they are supporting is to collect feedback in the format outlined by the Commission for Quality Care, this is carried out automatically within the app, and so far the team have received many compliments. We are delighted to have added a string to their bow in the passionate work they carry out.

If you think the way you interact with your clientele could be improved with the introduction of a tablet or mobile app, don’t hesitate to get in touch.