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Selesti launch The Forum's new website

The Forum has a brand new website, designed, developed and delivered by Selesti.

The organisation responsible for one of the most iconic landmarks in Norfolk, The Forum Trust, appointed Selesti last year, to help plan the strategy for improving the way they represent themselves in the crucial online channel.

Over 2.5 million people visit The Forum annually for such a diverse variety of reasons; the key to making the new website successful was overcoming the tricky task of how to communicate them all in a coherent, clear and great looking fashion. The website needs to be the main port of call for information on events, meeting facilities, conferencing venue hire, outdoor activities, concerts, the library, corporate hospitality and restaurants. An in-depth information architecture exercise to help make sense of how to give each its correct share of space and room to breathe on the site was the essential first step.

After agreeing on the navigation and user journey, the conceptual design began, with a brief which placed the emphasis on balancing clear layout, great looking creative and meeting all brand guidelines. Selesti had the added responsibility of giving equal visibility to all of the many organisations that are involved in the running of the Forum. One example of how we achieved all of the above is the dynamic slideshow on the homepage which immediately gives the administrative users the option to signpost multiple inner areas of the site prominently, it's visually striking, easy to operate and only uses a small portion of the homepage to get across many messages from many sources within the site.

Other objectives for the development of the new website included the inclusion of as many attention grabbing and interactive features as possible, with lots of rich media content, polls and competitions.

As part of a content management system which enables control over every page of the website, Selesti have built a bespoke, robust event management module which has the flexibility to expand in future. This takes into account the complexities and nuances of their organisational structure, all the various parts of the venue where activities could be held and is designed to be effortlessly easy and quick to use.

We are to provide Search Engine Optimisation services ongoing, helping them use the website's inherent Search Marketing features, designed to help make this process as simple and cost-effective as possible, maximising return on investment.