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Selesti Partner With Our Local Cancer Charity

We’re a charitable lot here at Selesti, so it will come as no surprise that we’ve affirmed our longstanding relationship with local cancer charity The Big C by becoming a corporate supporter. Their aim is to help all those suffering with cancer in the Norfolk and Waveney area by providing resources for care and research that are crucial in the fight against this all too common disease, and we’re only too happy to help.

Our team works with a wide range of charities every day, but this local non-profit has a special place in our hearts, MD Ollie Blackmore fundraising for them on multiple occasions. You may recall his bike ride across the UAE this time last year, and we’re sure you must have heard about his upcoming world-first (and possibly world-record breaking) Cycle Challenge Canada - both taken on in aid of this fantastic cause.

Ollie had this to say about why The Big C is so important to him:

Having raised £8k for Big C on previous cycling challenges, I wanted to continue to support the great work they do and inspire others to as well. I have friends and family affected by cancer, and have heard many touching stories that motivate me to support a fantastic charity such as this.

Not only has cancer affected those around me, but having been a 40-a-day smoker before quitting just 4 years ago, my own body has been subject to a habit which is the main cause of dozens of forms of cancer.

Of course, it’s important as a corporate supporter to not only provide funds and support directly, but also to increase awareness of The Big C’s efforts in the wider community. As such we are also delivering a targeted search marketing campaign using Google Ad Grants, a fantastic promotion by the search engine giant designed specifically for non-profits. Our expert team is working hard to ensure that not a penny of (free, we should add) advertising spend is wasted in the quest to increase visibility, interaction, and most importantly, donations for the brand.

We’re properly chuffed to have been chosen by The Big C as their corporate supporter, and look forward to a bright future with this amazing organisation.

You can donate to the Big C today through their website today, but if you want to give Ollie a bit of a push up the wild mountains of Vancouver Island, then head over to his Cycle Challenge JustGiving page - at the time of writing he has raised nearly £7,000, but every penny counts!

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