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Selesti Pledges Creative Support To New Suffolk Charity

Selesti is a proud supporter of a wide range of charities. Whether it’s Managing Director Ollie’s completion of a 900km tour of the UAE this month for The Big C or moustache tattoos for Movember, we are never afraid to put ourselves out there for those in need. So when we were approached recently by the Brainwave Independent Group, a Suffolk based charity dedicated to helping those with brain injuries, we were happy to flex our award winning creative muscles to assist this great cause.

Our commitment to the Brainwave Independent Group extends to providing them creative, project management and development services free of charge, helping them to get a great start. The first port of call has been a new logo and branding design. This can be used across business cards and other offline materials. We’ll next turn our attention to developing them a strong digital presence, with the very best of SEO foundations. Their new site will contain all the necessary information including useful resources & links and contact details, and will be easily editable using straightforward content management tools for their administrative team.

The founders of the Brainwave Independent Group have personal experience of the effects of brain damage, after their son Dan was involved in a car accident 4 years ago. Dan’s determination to overcome his injuries forms the inspiration behind the charity; even after being told he would never walk again he has fought to rehabilitate himself, and joined us at the Selesti offices to give his ideas on how the new logo should look.

Brainwave and ourselves are hoping that Dan’s story will help families who are coming to terms with their future after someone close to them suffers a brain injury.

If you want to find out more about the Brainwave Independent Group, or Selesti’s continued charitable efforts, feel free to give us a call.