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Selesti refreshes 7BillionIdeas with a Spring Clean Update!

Selesti have delivered an update for 7BillionIdeas, the inspirational social media platform, improving both the iPhone app and website. Now it is easier than ever for users to sign up and start sharing their brilliant, or not so brilliant, ideas. The update is a spring clean, streamlining the user journey further on the site and the iPhone app.

In the week since the update became available in the App Store and the website changes went live, their membership numbers have been growing at an increased rate; showing early signs of success and immediate return on investment. Our team will help 7BillionIdeas review their analytics and make informed decisions about their next steps, this very project was an example of us offering digital strategy services to our clients. It’s great to see so quickly it looks like paying off for them.

Selesti’s work for 7BillionIdeas’ social media platform; the website and accompanying iPhone app, received a commendation at the DADI Awards in 2012.

Our in-house web developers and mobile app designers have been working hard to get 7BillionIdeas looking as great as possible. On the website and the iPhone app, user registration has been reimagined, building on the already speedy Facebook authenticated sign up/log in meaning that new users can even more easily open an account and begin joining the 30,000 interactions on the platform to date. A one step registration with optional extra fields not key to the platforms’ success is a model which we expect (and early indications suggest we’re right) will deliver greater conversion from discovering their brand to engaging with it.

iPhone app users can also now access new ideas quicker than before; with an update to the tool that refreshes their feed, a slick pull down motion. With so many ideas being added every day, it is now much simpler for users to keep up to date with this world of ideas.

To make sure none of your great ideas get forgotten download the 7BillionIdeas iPhone app?

Or if your idea is related to a great new website or mobile app, give us a call.