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Selesti-sponsored SOS bus project relaunched

This morning saw the relaunch of the government-endorsed SOS bus project in Norwich. Selesti were represented by MD Ollie Blackmore as we continue our sponsorship and support for the initiative which will now be able to offer medical care on top of their existing remit of giving anyone in difficult situations a safe way home.

This morning\'s event was to present the new vehicles which have been purchased - an 11.8m Optare Versa and an 8.8m Optare Solo. These new operating centres wil allow the campaign to be more pro-active in the community than ever, with the Versa doubling as an educational unit to reach out to local schools, and the Solo a fully kitted out medical centre with triage unit, to save the resources of the A&E department.

A quick response vehicle for the St John\'s Ambulance was on display, this will be based next to the new buses which will be parked back to back when in operation. Completing the fleet presented to the press was the SOS sponsored taxi (pictured above), carrying the logos of the companies involved in supporting the project.