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Selesti Team Get Supercharged At Hack Day

Read about our interpretation of the traditional Hack Day, where the Selesti team were tasked with creating something innovative.

Friday 12th June marked our first ever Selesti #SuperchargedDay. Our interpretation of the traditional Hack Day, Selesti’s developers, creatives, search marketers and client services bods were tasked with creating something innovative for Selesti.

We were split into teams with a similar spread of skills in each grouping and were briefed with the challenge of creating a tool, designing a game, inventing something, solving a problem or fixing a major pain-point. We could develop ideas for an app, a new product, or simply a way of making an internal process better.The world was our oyster, and we were ready to crack on!

Each team ‘shotgunned’ a hub around the office that was to be their base for the day, and with Sharpies at the ready, the plotting and planning commenced.

Team Winning’s relaxed approach can be seen above, but it wasn’t long before they’d gone stationary crazy thoroughly planning every aspect of their web build progress dashboard (inspired by Dominos Pizza’s “your pizza is in the oven”) which incorporates a search KPI tracker too. supercharged2Meanwhile, Selesteam were cracking on with their idea for a stats screen, which was already in development stage by 10am, causing a certain team member to get a little bit cocky:

Selesteam’s idea came with strong branding, and before long stts.tv had gained a suspiciously substantial following on Twitter! Selesteam described the concept of stts.tv as a ‘live screen to keep your employees in the know’, - essentially a live feed of key information from within the workplace.

Finally, Prestige Worldwide, whose team name was inspired by Will Ferrell’s Step Brothers, created a solution for making our workplace, and in fact any office workplace, just that little bit nicer; Stax!

Supercharged team talk

Stax is a virtual currency which you can share with your colleagues when they help you out, lend a hand, or just make you smile. The rationing system means you get 5 Stax a week to give out, and with scoreboards and prizes built into the system it truly deserved it’s title of Winner of the first ever Selesti Supercharged Day!

stax user interface

The judging was done by MD Ollie Blackmore, with each individual getting to cast a vote for their favourite idea from the other teams. Prestige Worldwide’s innovation and creative thinking, along with their ability to tick the boxes of the brief, made them a deserved winner. They’ll be enjoying a slap up long lunch as their reward this week.

Each team also voted a member of their own team for the Outstanding Achievement Award, which was scooped by Katy Crouch - with some Amazon vouchers the prize.  A great day was had by all, and it’s safe to say we are looking forward to #SuperchargedDay becoming a tradition!

You can see more from the day on our Twitter page - here.

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