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Zealify’s SME Open Day Comes To Selesti, Alongside Some Doughnuts!

Digital Agency Selesti welcomed a range of Norwich students through their doors as part of the Zealify Open Day, along with an array of doughnuts!

Today at Selesti we welcomed a number of Norwich higher education students into our spacious offices, all as part of the Zealify SME Open Day. The event is aptly named #Officecrawl which has undergraduates making their way around a variety of Norwich’s exciting SME businesses.

Ollie presents as part of Zealify SME Open Day

After having given the undergrads from NUA and UEA a quick round-up of the beginnings of the company, and a short chat from our Search Marketing Manager Hayley Rissmann on the digital marketing side of the agency, we were then given the chance to show off some of our most recent work. Fantastic clients such as Support Adoption For Pets and BareNaked Foods were always going to get a mention here, not least because of their great design and (in the case of BareNaked Foods) ECommerce functionality, but also because they had both been nominated at the recent Digital Entrepreneur Awards.

By this point we were sure they’d heard enough about us, as we were there to demonstrate how the students were best to go about getting a job with a small company such as ours, and why working for a business that does not have hundreds of employees can be a real treat (and that’s even before we got to the doughnuts!). Ollie gave his insight as to what he would hope to see from an ideal applicant, either in the field of design, development or client services, all of which require a unique level of creativity and passion. He was also keen to stress the benefits that come as part of this, mentioning our monthly round-up that sees our open plan offices turned into the Selesti Tavern!

To close the presentation, who better to transfer some nuggets of wisdom than the two most recent graduates working in client services. As both Victoria Lynskey (Digital Account Executive) and Ed Wootton (Search Marketing Executive) have varying backgrounds from both their undergraduate degrees and their extra curricular experience. Their advice contained some constants that will hopefully prove invaluable to the visitors we had on the Open Day.

It’s only fair that we share these snippets of advice with you - the main point revolving around getting as much work experience as humanly possible. It doesn't even have to be directly related to your field of interest, as long as it has transferrable skills and allows you to work on techniques that can’t be taught, such as time management & work ethic (both of which are crucial for agency life just FYI).

Experience could also be in the form of work that you have conducted in your own time. Whether you have deconstructed the inner workings of your favourite Mobile App, worked hard to keep up to date with the latest industry trends, or built a blog about your favourite hobby, companies such as ours want to see dedication and a passion for the digital industry beyond what you may be learning as part of your degree. A more traditional route would be to gain experience as part of an internship or work experience placement at an agency such as ours. We offer work experience schemes so if you think you're up to our high standards, feel free to send in your CV.

Zealify Open Day

As questions were taken, it was then time to move over to the pièce de résistance, a frankly colossal number of doughnuts laid on for the occasion. At Selesti we take pride in our charitable efforts, and making sure that poor students remain well fed is just one of those concerns!

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If you want to find out more about Selesti, or have visited us on the Zealify SME Open Day and want to give us a shout, feel free to contact us!