Six Space Hoppers Hopping

All work and no play makes Selesti a very dull agency... so we make sure we play as hard as we work. This Christmas it starts with six space hoppers hopping

All work and no play makes Selesti a very dull agency... we are big believers in the age old philosophy of “work hard, play hard”. We take that cliche and push it to extremes. Our open-plan office is overflowing with toys and games, and we often get clients sticking around for a while after meetings so that they can make use of our (ahem) facilities. We might sometimes claim that we are mature, sensible adults – but we’d be telling porkies. We’re all big kids at heart, and the whoopee cushion currently doing the rounds in the office certainly cements this fact!

Situated just across from the eternally cool Space Invaders arcade machine, the world-renowned Selesti Table Football Stadium plays host to numerous hard fought encounters every day. Screams, gasps and cheers are common place now that the ‘Festive Fussball’ tournament is taking place (quarter finals stage at the mo) - walking past our offices you’d do well not to overhear some form of fussball related trash-talk being dished out. The smart money looks to be on Greg & Emily who are currently looking poised to take the trophy, although Tom & Nigel might have a little something to say about that…

Digital Agency Selesti's Festive Fussball Tournament

As the title of this article suggests, this summer we came into ownership of a fleet of top of the range space hoppers. Engineered for speed and fine-tuned for precise hopping, members of the team can often be found partaking in high speed races around the office or simply using them as a way to get from A to B within Selesti HQ – they certainly make that trip to the server room a lot more interesting!

Along with beer pong and the dusting-off of the Nintendo 64, Table Tennis was also a great success on the latest trip to Selesti Tavern. We thriftily converted the meeting room table into a fully-fledged table tennis arena which hosted a series of hotly contested battles. We are itching with anticipation for the next trip to Ye Olde Tavern so that we can sort out once and for all who is king of the court.

However, most talk in the office at the moment is centred around ‘Selesti Mastermind’ which is going to be taking place at the Christmas Party next Friday as part of the traditional pub quiz. John Humphreys won’t be in attendance himself, but we’ve got the next best thing in Head of Client Services Tom Parsley who is currently furiously researching each member of the team’s chosen specialist subject area, determined to ask the most obscure and unintelligible questions possible.

On a slightly more serious note, in addition to playing hard we really do work hard here at Selesti. This is reflected in the awards and accolades that we have received over the years. We were recently named ‘Stand-Out Agency of the Year’ at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2013, and were included in the EDP Future50 Class of 2013, two pieces of recognition which we are really proud of. 2013 has been a great year for us, and here’s to making 2014 even better!

Six – Space Hoppers Hopping

Five - Dragons judging

Four - search marketing gurus

Three - charities supported

Two - thousand, three hundred and seventeen likes

One - Stand-Out Agency