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Sneak Peek Into Selesti HQ For Students On Zealify Open Day

Tomorrow (the 14th November if you don’t have a calendar to hand), Selesti HQ will be welcoming students as part of the Zealify Open Day, which will have many of the most award-winning companies in Norwich opening their doors to those interested in finding out more about the career opportunities from the small businesses in their area.

Selesti is just one of six local businesses taking part in the SME Open Day, but we hope to give the students a ‘stand-out’ experience to remember.

As part of the SME Open Day we shall be giving the students an introduction to Selesti and the digital industry as a whole, giving them a better understanding of how a digital agency such as ours works on a day to day basis. And because we love a captive audience, we’re going to take the opportunity to showcase some of our fantastic work in the fields of web design, development and search marketing, whilst being sure to flash some of our recent awards!

The best thing about this unique event championed by Zealify is that it gives students a realistic picture of how their local SMEs conduct business and how we started over 8 years ago. And with a number of the Selesti team being (near) fresh from the higher education system, there are sure to be some nuggets of wisdom on how best to (or not to) go about landing that sometimes elusive first job.

If just one student is inspired to join the world of digital after our contribution to the SME Open Day, we will have considered it a success, however, we will also be giving out a few tasty ‘incentives’ to try and win them around....